Pet Automatic Smart Feeder

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  • Smart Pet Feeder: The automatic pet feeder allows you to manage your four-legged friend's power supply by programming schedules and meals (up to 15 nutrition programs) directly from a distance with the smartphone app.
  • Smartphone App: App for iOS and Android for controlling the automatic distributor. From the application, you can program the meals, record your voice to warn your pet that they are ready to eat, and display the meals. The app will send you a message if the remaining food is too low to remind you to refill the feeder.
  • Voice Recording: Record up to 10 seconds of voice messages to call your pet and tell them it's time to eat.
  • Composition and Automatic Mechanism: The dispenser can be dismantled so you can clean it thoroughly and remove all food residue. It features an automatic mechanism that reverses the direction of rotation of the dispenser to prevent the treats from blocking the mechanism.
  • Double Power Supply: Double power supply mode to avoid a sudden interruption of activity. The distributor can be operated via a micro USB power cable and/or via three D cells. In this case, the feeder works even in the event of a power failure.